Dear german Learners,

in this App you will find a unique list of German irregular verbs.

The best way to learn a foreign language is through daily practice. Our App will help you to familiarize yourself with the german irregular verbs and to fix them in the long-term memory. It is practically not possible to speak German without mastering irregular verbs. Knowledge of all forms of irregular verbs together with conjugation is a necessity to speak German fluently.

  • This app is a great alternative to "cramming"
  • Just listen to the examples and practice them
  • With the "German irregular verbs" app, you practice conjugation until you feel you have mastered them perfectly

Who is this App for?

  • For all those who want to finally memorize German irregular verbs in a simple, pleasant and stress-free way
  • This app is also a great help in preparing for the German exam at every level
  • For busy people who don't have time to learn regularly – you just learn according to your daily plan and how long you want. You define the pace yourself
  • For all those who do not like to cram

What does the app contain?

  • 200 german irregular verbs at all levels (including native) with conjugation
  • 600 example sentences in German with translations into English - the use of each verb in a sentence in the present tense and the two most important past tenses
  • Quizzes which test your knowledge
  • Auxiliary verbs for the German Perfekt Tense (in German it builds its structure)
  • Built-in audio pronunciation: with each verb and sentence you will find a "play" button with the recording
  • Learning progress displayed in the progress bar

Other features

  • learning of the verbs also possible in offline mode
  • levels, which help you memorize verbs gradually and without stress
  • interactive verb list
  • built-in verb search engine – just enter the verb you want to learn when you want

Don't cram – just have fun and memorize!