Dear German learners,

In this application you will find over 200 irregular German verbs with translation, audio pronunciation and forms in Präsens, Imperfekt and Perfekt as well as an auxiliary verb for the German Perfekt tense. The application contains over 600 example sentences with translation into English - you will see the use of each verb on example sentences in three different tenses. The learning material is divided into 56 subchapters, which correspond to particular levels of language proficiency. The verbs are divided by levels (from A1 to C2). The division of verbs in levels A1, A2, B1 corresponds to the requirements of the Goethe-Institut. The verbs in levels B2, C1, C2 are divided according to our own broad experience. German Irregular Verbs is an application for every level of language proficiency.

German Irregular Verbs 1
German Irregular Verbs 2
German Irregular Verbs 3
German Irregular Verbs 4
German Irregular Verbs 5
German Irregular Verbs 6
German Irregular Verbs 7
German Irregular Verbs 8

In the practical part of this Application, you will find numerous exercises which will help you learn the forms of the verbs discussed.

Features that will help you learn and memorize German irregular verbs:

  • audio that allows you to listen to the verb and conjugation along with its English translation,
  • different types of exercises: filling in the blanks with the correct verbs, creating the correct verb form, choosing the right auxiliary verb, word puzzles, translating the meaning of a verb from English to German, translating the meaning of a verb from German to English, quizzes, dictations,
  • division according to language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2,
  • verb conjugation for all persons in the present tense Präsens, the past tense Imperfekt and the past tense Perfekt
  • Commentary on verbs that have two forms (regular and irregular),
  • Commentary on verbs that have a choice of two auxiliary verbs for the German Perfekt tense,
  • offline learning possible,
  • verb search engine,
  • a picture that accompanies each verb
  • Repetitions module, where you can add words that you want to repeat from the Glossary,
  • Glossary, which contains over 500 words contained in sentences (note: these are additional words that you learn, in addition to the verbs),
  • Module containing verbs that change their meaning depending on the conjugation (regular/irregular),
  • Module containing verbs that do not change their meaning depending on the conjugation (regular/irregular).

Learning irregular verbs with our App becomes effective. See for yourself.

Attention. The German Irregular Verbs Course on the mobile app and the German Irregular Verbs Course on the website are separate products, although they contain the same content. Purchasing one product does not give you access to the other.