German in the office

German in the office

"German in the office" is a unique german language course on the market. The subject of the course concerns team and project work, issues from the IT department and the vocabulary used in the office. Numerous exercises will help you revise the previously learned knowledge. Course texts and sentences include helpful translations. Audio tracks will help you get familiar with the pronunciation of the German language. The "German in the office" course will help you improve all the skills necessary for spoken and written language. We invite you to study together and have a nice time while learning and refreshing your knowledge of the German language.

Who is this course for?

  • for those who have reached a certain level of communication, but lack professional vocabulary in the field of IT, project and team work,
  • for those who have doubts about what word should be used in a given context during the conversation,
  • for those who also want to learn office vocabulary or repeat and revise it, this course can also be a great alternative for people who are refreshing their knowledge of communicating in German,
  • for those who want to practice and develop the skills of understanding the written and spoken language,
  • for those who want to develop their speaking skills in German,
  • for those who want to repeat selected grammar issues,
  • for those who want to have access to online materials (at any time from anywhere in the world)

Happy and effective learning.

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