Course for learning more than 200 German irregular verbs

Dear Student,
here is the unique course on the market for learning more than 200 German irregular verbs. Its aim is to systematize the knowledge about German irregular verbs and gather them in one place. This course will help you master the irregular forms of German verbs. This Course is a great learning method especially for people who want to learn and make friends with German irregular verbs. Knowing the forms of these verbs is essential to speaking, writing and understanding German correctly.

The German irregular verbs course contains more than 200 verbs. The course is divided into 24 subsections that correspond to the different levels of language proficiency. These verbs are divided into levels (A1 to C2). The division of verbs at levels A1, A2, B1 meets the requirements of the Goethe Institute. Verbs on the B2, C1, C2 levels have been divided according to our own experience.

Each verb has an audio recording, translation and pronunciation. Each verb is given a form for the third person in singular in the Präsens, Imperfekt and Perfekt tense and an auxiliary verb for the tense Perfekt (if there are more auxiliary verbs for a given irregular verb, you will also find them in this course). In German, some verbs are inflected both irregularly and regularly. Depending on the conjugation, the verb sometimes changes its meaning, which is also explained in this course.

In the practical part of this course, you will find numerous exercises that will help you learn the forms of these verbs. You will also find a sentence for each verb, which will allow you to learn it faster. This course is adapted for each language level.

Graphics that illustrate the meaning of a given word will help you remember the verbs.

You don't have to worry about not understanding a word that appears in sentences. We cared to add a Glossary before each practical part, which contains the vocabulary used in the exercises. This will make the sentences much easier to understand. We recommend that you read the words which the Glossary contains. You will see those words for the second time in the exercises. Thanks to this, you will learn new words and memorize them. Additionally, nouns have a definite article and a plural form given, which in German language need to be learned when learning new nouns.

What will you be able to do after this course?

  • you will learn and memorize more than 200 irregular verbs from the German language - numerous graphics included here enhance the memorizing effect
  • you will learn the forms in the present tense (Präsens) and in two past tenses (Präteritum and Perfekt)
  • you will be able to use the verb in the sentence - the numerous practical exercises will show you an example of verb use
  • you will know whether the verb has only one conjugation or two - you will know the meaning of the verb in each of these conjugations, if it depends on it
  • you will know which auxiliary verb to use for the Perfekt tense – some verbs have two possible auxiliary verbs in the Perfekt tense. After this course you will know which one to choose depending on the context and meaning
  • you will be able to pronounce verbs and their conjugations correctly - just repeat the pronunciation of each verb along with the conjugation
  • you will learn more than 500 new words that appear in the exercises - before each practical part a dictionary containing the words that appear in the exercises has been included

Knowing irregular verbs, their conjugations, auxiliary verbs in the past tense Perfekt and their meanings will make you feel more confident when using the German language.

We have put a lot of effort into this course so that learning becomes a pleasure for you and that you, dear student, could have the whole topic in one place. With our course you will learn and remember German irregular verbs in an easy and fun way.

The course is available online and you decide which irregular verbs you learn, when and for how long. Learning irregular verbs with our course is effective. See for yourself.

Happy and effective learning.

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