German vocabulary - Part 1

The application "German vocabulary - Part 1" includes 20 lessons, 1200 words in dictionaries, and 200 examples in sentences and phrases. It contains 443 graphics, nearly 1400 sounds, and 360 exercises, including "Match words", "Arrange sentences". Ideal for learning German. Start your language journey today!

Features of the app:

  • Thematic Categories with Pictures: Learn through categories, such as travel, food, work, with visual support that facilitates memorization.
  • Repetition System: Optimize your learning with our smart repetition system that automatically adapts to your individual progress.
  • Interactive Exercises: Practice newly acquired vocabulary through diverse interactive exercises that make learning fun.
  • Audio Pronunciation: Learn the correct pronunciation with audio recordings.
  • Direct Learning: Offline learning, available at anytime and anywhere.
  • Basic Vocabulary: The dictionary contains over 1200 German words and sentences in which they are used.

German vocabulary - Part 1 was created for modern learners - those who want to combine traditional learning methods with interactive and visual tools. Regardless of your level, you will find tools here that will help you effectively learn German.

Download the app and start your journey with German today.

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