German in the office

In the course "German in the office", you will find 20 lessons, almost 400 words in dictionaries, and 90 examples in sentences and phrases. The app contains over 20 dialogues, 80 pictures, almost 900 sounds, and 140 various exercises, including 'Repeat after me', 'Translate the sentences'. Ideal for learning German. Start today!

Features which will help you learn German:

  • audio for the dialogues, which will help you to get used to the pronunciation of German - you will hear the correct pronunciation of German,
  • translation of every sentence in the dialogue from German into English,
  • different types of exercises: comprehension exercises for written and spoken text, translating the meaning of a word or phrase from English into German, translating the meaning of a word or phrase from German into English, quizzes, dictations, word puzzles, translating sentences from English into German, practicing German grammar, filling in gaps by choosing the right word,
  • practicing German vocabulary,
  • module Repetitions, where you can add the words, you want to repeat from the Glossary,
  • glossary with built-in audio pronunciation, placed before each lesson, containing 400 professional words and interesting phrases that appear in dialogues, exercises and sentences.

German in the office was created for modern learners - those who want to combine traditional learning methods with interactive and visual tools. Regardless of your level, you will find tools here that will help you effectively learn German.

Download the app and start your journey with German today.

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