Past tenses for regular (weak) verbs:

Now you will see another type of regular conjugation for the verb: machen (to do).

Conjugation in the past tense Imperfekt:

ich machte

I did, I have done

du machtest

you did, you have done

er / sie / es machte

he / she / it did, he / she / it has done

wir machten

we did, we have done

ihr machtet

you did, you have done

sie machten

they did, they have done

Sie machten

you did, you have done (polite form)

The key element of building this grammatical tense is choosing the appropriate personal endings. Now you will learn how to build it for regular verbs:

Just cut off the ending 'en' from the infinitive of the verb (you will receive the word mach). Then you add the appropriate personal ending to the verb root. This way you get the verb forms as in the example above.

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